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Case Study Spotlight – Brio Toys


The Norwegian company Brio Toys — famous for their premium wooden train sets — came to Schu for help creating a playfield table that could handle the wear-and-tear of a child’s imagination. Brio wanted to deliver the same high-quality products their customers had come to love while also meeting a competitive price point by offering a domestically sourced product to eliminate shipping costs.

Working together closely, Schu researched a variety of paper products to protect Brio’s table surfaces, and after 6 months of research and development, a low-cost yet durable plastic paper material was identified. One that was tough enough to stand up to the relentless play of a toddler.

Industry Experience

Schu can design for both look and function. When dealing with corrosive or dangerous materials, it’s of the utmost importance that products work how they’re supposed to when user safety is potentially at risk. One such case involved producing acid storage cabinets for a lab environment where exposure to chemicals would be a regular occurrence. Even scratches on these surfaces can contribute to the slow breakdown of the materials integrity requiring a stable and resistant product.

Using these solutions, Schu was able to apply their research to another project in schoolroom labs where similar wear and tear was prevalent. However, with the added challenge of student safety, attention was also focused on access to equipment and tools stored in the workstations. This problem was solved by implementing individually locking drawers which gave teachers complete control over what students were allowed to use.

Students and Scientists aren’t the only ones to use our products. Chances are you’ve recently walked past a Schu display system without even knowing. Our point-of-purchase displays and display components are used in wide-range of national retailers including Lowe’s, Menards, True Value, Sherwin Williams, Best Buy, Sears, BOSE and many more.

Having worked with a variety of companies in a variety of industries, we’re experienced in branding our solutions in strict accordance to design guidelines provided by our partners. To make sure we match these all requirements, we work hand-in-hand throughout the entire conception, design and production process to ensure expectations are reached. It’s this personal collaboration that keeps people coming back knowing that the end product will be exactly as desired.

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