Case Study Spotlight – Intercontinental Hotel Group

Kids suite illust

Intercontinental Hotel Group recognized an unmet opportunity in the family travel industry. They came to Schu seeking a solution for their family accommodations to make them a more enjoyable and relaxing experience for both the parents and children.

Typically, a hotel room for a family of four includes two queen-sized beds. This setup may be great for parents, but less so for siblings. Everyone’s experienced the, “He’s on my side!” or “She touched me!” shouting matches the family getaway.

Moreover, a small child’s bedtime is not frequently aligned with their parents. What’s a parent to do when it’s “lights out” at 8pm? Schu recognized these concerns, which led to the conception the kid’s suite design, providing both a small level of separation for a sense of privacy while still allowing for parent supervision. What became the final product resembled an L-shaped bunk bed system with a closed-off wall acting as a divider from the rest of the room.

Children now had their own space to relax in while the parents were able to experience their own sense of privacy while also having the ability to lightly manage activities.

Industry Experience

The hospitality industry has an extremely broad range of products in all shapes and sizes, meaning customization is the name of the game. This makes it extremely important for both design and production to match everything from the overall architecture of the building to the color of the screws.

In addition to our enormous range of manufactured furniture solutions, Schu has designed custom golf club lockers for luxury country clubs, adaptable conference space furniture and custom cabinetry and front-desk solutions for hotel lobbies.

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