Case Study Spotlight – GE Healthcare


A baby bassinet in a hospital, is there anything else that should be more stable and reliable?

GE Healthcare sought out Schu to help solve a problem they’d been having with their wooden bassinets used in nurseries and patient rooms.

Wear-and-tear from knocks and bumps occurring during transportation throughout the hospital were causing a staggeringly high failure rate. In over 50% of cases, the main cabinet joinery was loosening, making it possible for the bassinet to slide off the wheeled base creating a dangerous and potentially fatal situation.

Schu worked hand-in-hand with GE Healthcare to identify how to improve theses fastening components. The primary solution discovered was to use a pocket bore technique with screws, a far stronger assembly technique, instead of a glue-and-dowel assembly which can loosen during impacts.

Additionally, the Schu engineering team was able to help GE Healthcare meet nearly 20 “wish list” parameters for the bassinet, including an aggressive price target and a custom two-way drawer. Made from wood and plastic components, a spring mechanism called a “V Temp” allowed the drawer to stay latched in place even around tight corners by only opening with the common force of a hand pull of 17 pounds. This not only improved safety, but improved usability and efficiency for the hospital staff.

Because these bassinets may be used under jaundice lights, Schu worked closely with GE throughout the entire certification process to also ensure the bassinet met all federal requirements for a medical device.

The best part? GE Healthcare bassinets now have a 0% failure rate. 


Case Study – Nemschoff/Herman Miller

The healthcare industry has many nuisances that are easily overlooked without years of experience to recognize unique needs not obvious at first glance.

Nemschoff, a Herman Miller company specializing in healthcare furniture, approached Schu for help streamlining their production process to complete faster orders, lower price-points and incur fewer defects. Through collaboration and discovery, this partnership became the solution that would allow Nemschoff to expand their capabilities vastly without the heavy risk and investment in an expansion of their own company. Instead, by utilizing the strengths of Schu, Nemschoff could grow safely and effectively.

Industry Experience

With over 25 years of servicing the healthcare industry, Schu has helped create a variety of products that require extra special insight to engineer. Some notable examples have been:

  • Custom furniture for mental health facilities which were purposely designed to be immovable for patient safety.
  • Tandem seating systems for waiting rooms with built-in magazines tables on the same track frame.

Healthcare Portfolio