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Case Study Spotlight – Mayline


Established in 1939, Mayline made a name for itself by engineering drafting tables for customers around the world. However, as any successful company understands, being adaptable is sometimes necessary. As drafting turned digital, Mayline recognized the coming market shift and began to invest in other products. Today, their company offers a full range of mid-market contract office furniture, including workspaces, desks, tables, storage and much more.

For several years, Mayline imported a fair amount of their materials and products from overseas. However, when they began a new product line offering a wider variety of custom finishes this approach quickly challenged their international capacity leading them to look for a solution closer to home. Mayline approached Schu to help them provide a high quality, domestically sourced solution. This arrangement was a fast success, and it worked so well that Mayline asked Schu to help introduce their new private label product line, e5.

Working collaboratively with the Mayline production team, Schu brought e5 to market — an entire year ahead of schedule.

Additionally, Schu provided packaging, labeling, sorting and drop-ship capabilities for Mayline distribution centers to create a streamlined logistics process. Schu also holds the finished product if necessary, acting as an offsite warehouse, to help keep prices down for direct shipping to the end user.

Case Study РSpace Saver (TAB) Systems 

An industry-leading space saver and filing systems company came to Schu for help supplementing work after their primary plant was falling behind on their growing orders.

The company presented three challenges for Schu:
1. Meet a 10-day lead time.
2. Provide any height or width product requested.
3. Offer any color customization.

Schu started by conducting an in-depth market evaluation and explored a variety of engineering options. What they found provided quite a test: the minimum material lead time would take seven days — allowing only three days for production. To accommodate these circumstance, an extensive internal programming system was designed specifically to handle such a quick turn around.

After a short trial period, Schu was able to successfully met the 10-day schedule. Twice an effort was made in-house by the partner to return this process to their own plants, but both times the company was unable to receive the materials by the time Schu could have the completely finished and ready to ship.

Industry Experience

Schu understands the importance of staffing teams with cross-industry experienced members that bring unique points of view to every project. Key staff have over 20-30 years of experience and expertise bringing both past and present design influence to Schu solutions.

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