Furniture Overview

Hospitality Series

Schu Has Been in the Furniture Industry For Over 25 Years

We’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Our strength has been our ability to provide not only standard, tried and true products, but customized solutions for any order.

That’s why Schu is a wise choice for both domestic and imported options. Other domestic manufacturers have to build large volumes at lower quality to compete with imported options. However, since Schu is a boutique manufacturer we have the flexibility to compete with competitive price points while also offering advanced design capabilities. A domestic and family-owned operation, we love to bring our partners into our facilities to see and feel our passion and artisan craftsmanship in person. We are your local, and global partner.

What to Expect

Working with Schu is like collaborating with a long-term friend, one who listens carefully and understands your needs, even when we’re working together for the first time. Here’s what you can expect from us.

  1. Client initiates project request.
  2. Schu Engineers meet with client to discuss parameters, uses, competition, pricing market and quantity.
  3. Client and Schu collaborate on CAD drawings.
  4. Schu provides cost and materials estimates, sample materials, finishing styles, additional hardware, etc.
  5. Client confirms pricing, parameters and lead times.
  6. Schu builds the prototype.
  7. Schu works with client to establish manufacturing timelines.
  8. Schu creates product or components, including end-user instruction manual (Private label options available).
  9. Customized distribution program created.
  10. Shipment begins.